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If you are renovating your home or redecorating, then you probably already have at least some idea of what y

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If you are renovating your home or redecorating, then you probably already have at least some idea of w

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If you are restoring your house or redecorating, after that you most likely already contend least some sug

About Us

Elime Home is a high end interior design firm located in Illinois. We service a wide variety of cities within the state with some of the most elegant interiors people have seen.

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee that you will love the look of your new home, apartment, or condo.

Each sector of Elime Home focuses on one type of property. This means that you will get a specialist depending on what type of housing you own. This allows us to provide the most hands on service and experience to achieve the greatest result. No other interior designers outline things the way we do. We make it easy on all of our customers to have something they will love over and over again.


Stop Stalling. Hire an Interior Designer to Help you with your Renovation

Before you continue, we strongly encourage you to watch the following video. It will help you understand the important steps you need to take when you’re ready to give your house a new look:

Your home is one if not the biggest investments in your life. It is the place where you spend most of your time in. It’s where you get to unwind and relax after a long day at work. It is the place you host or entertain your friends and family. As such, it can only make sense if the interior matches your tastes and preferences. So, what do you do when you decide it’s time for an interior makeover?

Of course, doing it yourself will be the first thought. After all, no one knows your style and tastes better than you. So, you decide to make a list of items you need, and everything is okay until you are hit with hundreds of choices. Eventually, you are disoriented and don’t know even what to do next.

Before you decide on taking on a remodeling project, you may want to consider some important aspects and judge if going solo is the ideal path for your wallet and time. Contrary to what most people believe, using a professional can save you a lot of money when renovating your home.

1. Redesigning your home calls for a lot of time, do you have enough time at your disposal?

2. Does everyone else in your family agree to what you want?

3. Have you bought elegant furniture pieces in the past only to get home and scratch your head as where to put them to match the style of your home?

4. Do you plan on taking down walls, installing light fixtures or joining rooms? Do you know a person who can do all this properly?

5. Do you want your house to be distinct in an ideal way without spending too much?

6. Do you require custom cabinets or furniture?

7. If your house is new, would you like to be assured that what you have in mind fits the space available?

These are some of the various considerations of why hiring a firm in your city may be an ideal decision. An expert in this field will have the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to guide you through the process and stop you from making bad choices that may end up costing you money. The professional will ideally save you time as they have the ideal resources readily available. The designer will also put a range of resources at your service, most of which can only be accessed through them. All your design selections will be thoroughly researched and presented to you before the project begins. This ensures that you get the house of your dreams and one that matches your taste and lifestyle.

That being said, here are some of the major reasons to get the right person planning for a makeover:

A professional designer has knowledge of design theory as well as its technicalities. They know everything regarding material specs, layouts, environmental considerations, installations as well as safety issues.

Also, most makeover projects, depending on the state call for compliance with building regulations and federal laws. You have to know these to avoid costly mistakes and lawsuits.

An expert will give you a detailed cost projection that you can adjust in regards to your needs.

Designing your home doesn’t have to be stressful. With the help of someone with experience, it can be straightforward and fruitful. However, you may want to do your homework in choosing the person to handle such work. Home makeovers are not cheap, and so, you will want someone competent and trustworthy guiding you in the process.

I’d also like to add that having the right interior designer to help you also plays a crucial role in having a washroom that will fit your home’s style. Bathrooms are very difficult to set up perfectly. There are so many times where homes will install shower doors and then realize they can’t even open the door fully because a toilet is in the way. These are things that our interior design firm partners can help you with. If you would like to inquire within, you can get more info here.